Policy Statement
“Shri Vaibhav Metacast : (VMC) is committed to manufacture & supply Quality “ Steel & Alloy Steel Casting” to its esteemed customers.

VMC shall comply to Statutory / Regulatory requirements as appropriately applicable to it.

VMC is committed for continual improvement in all its activities / processes for meeting and exceeding the customer’s satisfaction.

VMC will be conscious towards its corporate social obligation & work towards overall development of its employees and society in general.
Quality Objective
1. Zero defects in our products / services. 2. Meeting 100% delivery schedule.
Quality Control Arrangements
Sand &Mould Testing
1) CO2 Gassing AccCompression VOCA
For compression specimen Consists of a holder to hold the split specification tube, gas sealing facility and nipple.
2) CO2 Gassing Acc Transverse VOCB
FOR Transverse Specimen Consists of a holder to hold transverse core box, gas sealing Facility and nipple.
3) CO2 Gassing Acc Tensile VOCC
for tensile specimen consists of a Holder to hold the tensile core box, gas sealing facility and nipple.
4) Core Permeability Tube VD
consists of sealing tube and air pump to Seal core specimen of 50 mm dia x 50 mm height. Used to Permeability with help of permeability meter of a prepared core sand specimen.
5) High Dry Strength Attaching VUHD for VUP/VUD
To fix the Attachment to VUP to read compression strength up to70kg/cm2 for VUD & 70km/cm2 for VUP.
6) Shear Strength Attachment VHS for VUD and VUN
consists of Shear pads. The Pads can be conveniently attached to Universal Strength machine & have precisely aligned shear edgeto measure Shear strength of test speciment.
7) Splitting Strength Attachment VSA for VUD and VUN
consists of two splitting pads. The pads can be conveniently attached to the Universal strength machine. Due care is taken foralignment.They can be used as an attachment to the Universal strength Machine to check splitting strength.
8) Split Specimen Tube VST
consists of split tube for 50 mm diameter specimen, locking rings and two drying plates.
9) Transverse Strength Attachment VTS for VUD and VUN
Consists of specimen holder and knife-edge as an attachmentto universal sand strength machine (VUD/VUN). Range up to600 kg/cm2.
10) Universal Strength Machine Digital VUD
Consists of loading frame, loading mechanism, load cell, motorEtc. Facility to accommodate various accessories, digitaStrength indicator, set of compression pad, compression rangeUp to 15 kg/cm2. Please specify elec,supply specs. Rating : 200 Watts. Optionally 5 kg/cm2 precision version Available.
11) Core Hardness Tester VCH
Consists of carbide tipped plough, dial indicator to read Hardness of cores from 0 to 100.
12) Digital Permeability Meter VPD
13) Tensile Strength Attachment VAS for VUD and VUN
Chemical Testing
On line Analysis through Spectrometer Wet Analyzer.
Physical Testing:
Impact Testing M/c Universal Testing M/c Hardness Testing M/c
Drop Test
On line Microscope with Image Analyzer
Non Destructive Testing:
DTP Testing Magnet Particles Testing Ultrasonic Testing M/c
Radiographic Testing (outsource) (Approve Agency of B.A.R.C)
ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Co. by the agency of “ROHS”